For five months Christina and Lisa worked as interns in our office, now they are going back to university. We wish you all the best for the next years of your studies and thank you for your energetic commitment, your clever questions and your youthful cheerfulness in everyday office life.

Here is a short statement by the two of them about their time at 4a Architekten:
Our practical semester at 4a Architekten was an unforgettable experience for us! We both started on the same day at 4a and the slight initial tension about how things would turn out quickly disappeared: We were warmly welcomed and accepted directly into a project team in which we were allowed to work during our five-month stay in the office. Through the intensive exchange within the respective team and also through insights into other projects, we were able to gain important experience in all aspects of project planning and were gradually made familiar with the planning process and the coordination of a construction project. From time to time there were also tricky situations: Sometimes it was about costs, sometimes it was about a tighter schedule, sometimes it was about ambiguities with existing buildings - but due to the good cohesion in the office and a structured division of work there was always a solution. Challenges in construction are part of everyday life, and without them it would sometimes not be so exciting. In addition to planning and drawing, submitting a work phase and model building, we also had the opportunity to take part in site and object visits or meetings with specialist planners and builders. We learnt a lot - both about technical knowledge and about the enormous importance of communication between the individual trades. The constant exchange was very helpful in order to increase our own wealth of experience in a short period of time. We both felt very comfortable in the 4a office during the practical semester. The contact between the employees and also with the bosses was very relaxed and friendly - and so the positive working atmosphere naturally led to an intensive cooperation. Right from the start, we were told that you can always turn to your colleagues if you have any questions or questions. This was especially helpful for us newcomers to construction practice. In addition to the daily office routine, we got to know and appreciate all 4a employees in the twinkling of an eye through entertaining lunch breaks, private undertakings or joint office events. Thanks to the pleasant atmosphere, the five months of practical semesters seem far too short to both of us and definitely the time has passed far too quickly. We have learned a lot of new things, gained a good first insight into working practice and got to know a lot of great people - 4a thank you! "