The site for the new Therme Lindau is located right on the shore of Lake Constance opposite the island of Lindau. The new building is intended to replace the ageing Eichwald lido. Nestling gently into the landscape amidst a stock of mature trees, the new thermal spa lies like a flat stone in the green. The striking architectural language derives first and foremost from elements contained within the natural surroundings – slabs of rock, stones and vegetation characterise the design. A varied bathing experience is created by lively and tranquil areas, hard and soft shapes and the interplay between light and shade.

The facility comprises a sports and leisure area, a thermal and wellness area and a sauna area. Projections and recesses divide the overall structure and create important external references. To the south, the spa opens out onto the lakeside to offer fantastic views of the mountainous landscape and Lake Constance. To the north, the entrance and changing areas form the backbone of the building. The bathing level in the interior is designed in such a way as to resemble a landscape, the pools and special areas being accommodated in part in expressively shaped volumes – the “stones”. These stones divide the ground floor into clearly arranged space units, providing exciting spatial impressions. The cloakrooms, a fitness area and the dining area are located above the landscaped bathing area on the ground floor. The upper floor rests like a large plate on the “stones” of the bathing level with a slight overhang. Air spaces form a spatial link between the two levels. To the east, the plot continues to be used as a lido and open-air pool with separate access from the thermal bath.

Sports and leisure pool: Bäderbetriebe Lindau
Therme and sauna: Therme Lindau GmbH

General Contractor
schauer & co GmbH

Full Service General Contractor
GEORG Reisch GmbH & CO KG

Therme Lindau GmbH