This generous apartment with a square floor plan is located in a tower complex in north Moscow. The design focused on making the apartment appear as spacious as possible, an effect created solely through the use of partitioning. Angled furniture elements, inclined in part, add a dynamic to the layout and provide flowing transitions. The living and dining area with kitchen unit form a single unit. The separable bedroom area with bathroom appears like angled furniture and gives the apartment its individual character. This is also achieved by the bed, which was designed especially for this project and stands on a slightly raised podium. This enables uninterrupted views onto the adjoining forest park. Wide window sills offer a place to sit – apart from the sofa, chairs and armchairs, all the items of furniture in the apartment were manufactured in accordance with 4a Architekten designs. High-quality materials such as antique wood veneer, leather, natural stone and high-lustre surfaces in the interior fittings along with the special technical features lend an exclusive ambience to the apartment.