A special design element of the new aquatic centre is the careful integration of the building into the landscape. The project develops out of the topography of the Hirschbach valley and becomes part of the landscape. The storeys and roof areas flow out of the slope as planted levels with terraces and incisions, forming a restrained counterpart to the terrace houses in the north of the site. The development takes place over a forecourt in the immediate neighbourhood of the parking areas. While the changing rooms and technical equipment are inserted into the slope on two levels, the bathing halls are largely oriented towards the valley. Directly adjacent to the entrance area is the partly two-storey adventure area with gallery. Sunbathing areas, paddling pool for children, the glass steam bath and the gastronomy with lounging areas are located in the single-storey area. The sports baths is two-storeyed in the area of the diving platform. Directly in front of it, in the one-storey area, there is the training pool and the separable course area. Joints between the terraced roofs also provide daylight to the areas on the slope.