The aim of redesigning the ADAC traffic training facility on the Solitude-Ring was to optimise the running of road safety training and to improve the facility’s entire infrastructure. In order to achieve this, the development must be reorganised and more buildings for offices, administration and a workshop have to be planned for the site. The historic start and finish tower continues to be the centre of the facility. In order to expose the tower as a visible mark, the trees to the south of the Mahdentalstrasse will be replaced with a lower gabion wall. In future, all buildings will open out to the south towards the facility. The new gateman’s office with pay machine, exit barrier and parking spaces along with the training and events building with workshop will be embedded into the landscape, holding back significantly towards the regional main road. Together with the centrally positioned tower, they form an attractive ensemble of buildings. In front of the tower there will be a forecourt with a spacious terrace connecting all the buildings together.

The difference in height of the grounds will be used to embed the new buildings into the terrain so that the roofs appear to be elements of the landscape. Only the upper storey with its training rooms will be visible as a building body. With its free, contoured shape, it forms a contrast to the start and finish tower. The architecture is clearly and economically structured in its linear arrangement of the buildings. All ground-floor rooms requiring daylight are orientated towards the south or east.

The start and finish tower will be completely renovated as a visible mark and integrated as a main component into the facility. In the process of removing the building core, the staircase is relocated so that the ground floor obtains a representative entrance opening out onto the front courtyard. A spacious ADAC Württemberg e.V. info point welcomes visitors and guides them on to the upper storeys via a new, open-plan staircase. The first upper storey with walls and display cabinets serves as an attractive exhibition area. There is a room for events with a separate kitchenette on the second floor with views across the entire site.