Carefully embedding the building into the landscape of the Parc de Sceaux was a key design element of the La Grenouillère swimming pool complex in the French commune of Antony. The aquatic centre covers an area of around 9,600 m², running in a sickle shape to the west of the extensive grounds along the plot boundary. This gives rise to a protective back towards the adjacent avenue Sully-Prudhomme. The remaining area remains structurally untouched and can be arranged as an attractive outdoor area for visitors.

In terms of form, the complex consists of two wide-stretching building axes which gently capture the topography of the grounds and gradually resolve themselves. The largely transparent design to the south provides light-suffused spaces, opening the building out extensively towards the landscaped park. The bathing halls appear to merge into the outdoor space, the rounded corners of the façade surfaces picking up the undulations of the water.

The focus of the aquatic centre’s shaping and design lies not only on a high degree of functionality but also on its connection with nature: along with the gentle embedding of the two-storey structure into the edge of the grounds, planted roof surfaces also caregully incorporate the different levels into the park. The use of natural materials such as wood and local stone also pick up on this theme and lend a particular ambience to the interior and exterior of the building.