The Neckarpark area is to be restructured and upgraded over the coming years. Along with the future residential and business quarters, a new indoor aquatic sports centre is to be built as a prelude to the Neckarpark sports mile. The positioning of the new building fits in with the ultra-modern venues for top international sporting and cultural events along the Mercedesstrasse. The main entrance faces east towards the main axis of access of the Mercedesstrasse and to the important underground station of Neckarpark.

Because the area of the competition is located in the protected area of the Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt mineral springs, a base storey is to be created to accommodate some of the technical facilities as well as the deliveries area. The bathing platform and the entrance lie above street level. The bright metal panels of the façade of the structure suspended above the base will be perforated to a greater or lesser extent depending on the window openings behind them, giving rise to an interesting play of light and shadow in the interior. At night, the effect is reversed and the light shines outwards through the apertures. The building is divided into two zones: the bathing hall is situated on the south side, while the changing areas and spectators’ stands are oriented towards the north.

The building is provided with ample daylight through a circumferential glass joint on the bathing level, enabling unhindered views in all directions. Visitors enter the foyer, from which they have a view into the bathing hall, via a broad staircase. The spectators’ stand is accessed directly from the foyer, with convenient stairs leading visitors to the seating areas. All areas have disabled access via a lift system. The façade consists of metal panels that are perforated to greater or lesser degrees, giving the building its distinctive character which reflects its importance as a special construction within its urban setting and adds recognition value to the Mercedesstrasse.