The design for the new indoor pool emphasises the connection between the Nordbad and the neighbouring sports facilities on a north-south axis, consequently extending along the path towards the forum - the communication centre of the citizens’ park. The new construction is divided into two adjacent offset structures, the elongated extension of which divides the entire sunbathing area from the public thoroughfares to the west while opening up to the green area to the east, ensuring that the open spaces around the outdoor pool provide an excellent atmosphere for visitors to spend time in.
The architectural language is consistent. Two parallel folds emerge, developing from north to south, the white edges of which frame the enclosed cubature like two fine lines. This gives rise to an eye-catching accentuation of the long buildings, which merge flat into the park. Together with the summer sanitary area, there is also a gradation which contributes substantially to dividing the high cubic capacity, so dovetailing it gently into the park. The concept of folds is a recognisable portrayal of the dynamic sporting activities taking place inside to everyone outside, reinforcing the identity of the new Nordbad.
The centrepiece of the new indoor baths is a competition-level 50-metre pool with a spectators’ stand. A learners’ pool, a recreational and training pool with a diving tower, a paddling pool and an exercise pool for therapeutic purposes are also provided. All the areas that bathers need are located on the ground floor of the new building with unrestricted disabled access guaranteed throughout the facility.