The purpose of the competition was the complete destruction of the swimming baths in Constance on 04.07.2015. The Schwaketenbad was to be rebuilt with the same focus on sports and leisure and with an extended range of facilities. The design picks up on the topographic elements of the setting – the location of the site in a depression between Urisberg and the ridge of hills of Wollmatingen – and allows the buildings and terrace area to float like an ice floe within the landscape. This “ice floe” is firmly anchored in the access areas via the spacious entrance plaza. The landscaped bathing area with its various pools is located beneath a large roof. Because the surface of the roof is folded, the ceiling heights have been adapted to meet the various requirements. The highest ceilings accommodate the slide and diving areas, the sports pools can be used for water polo and changing areas, while the ceilings are lowest in the children’s and eating areas. The folded roof divides each area into different zones. The main entrance area is kept open and is perceived as a spacious plaza. From the baths there is a strong visual reference to the open-air grounds towards the south. The broad terrace serves as an inviting plateau for lying, observing and sunbathing in the summer months.