The entrance area of the new sports hall is located next to the school. The hall and the school are connected via a wide roof. The central foyer provides shared access to the sports hall and to the swimming pool. There is however a clear spatial separation between the two areas. The learners’ pool with changing rooms and showers forms a self-contained section of the building, so that sports and swimming instruction can continue undisturbed next to each other. The swimming pool is orientated towards the green area and cannot be seen into directly from the outside. The single-span hall, which as well as school sports is also suitable as a venue for events and a badminton hall, is aligned towards the sports ground, so that the space can be used jointly and directly from the hall when events are being held. A kitchen is planned for events which can serve into the hall, the foyer and outside to the sports ground. The compact volume of the building and possibility of a streamlined and straightforward method of construction enable the building to be erected and run efficiently with regard to resources.