The Wunnebad in Winnenden was conceived at the start of the 90s as combined baths that can be used all year round. It comprises an indoor pool, a sauna landscape and an outdoor pool. A distinctive feature is the warm-up hall with its rotunda and dome which contains both the swimmers’ pool and the children’s paddling area. Because what is offered no longer meets current requirements and standards, the facilities are to be successively converted, modernised and extended in three construction phases.

The existing baths are surrounded by a beautiful landscape. The extension – a 25-metre teaching pool, the outdoor pool changing area with administration areas and dining area on the upper storey along with the new outdoor sauna – blends gently into the landscape and merges fluidly into the green space. The new outdoor pool changing area is built on the north side of the site as a single-storey block, spatially closing the grounds to the Albertville-Strasse. Towards the east, this is extended with a further storey, interlocks with the upper storey of the existing building and forms a generously roofed entrance area. The new swimming hall for the 25-metre teaching pool along with the ancillary rooms connect with the existing bathing hall to the southeast. They are embedded in the contours of the grounds and form a natural barrier to the newly created outdoor sauna area. The sauna on the upper storey is structurally restored, restructured and extended. The current roof area to the north which forms the outdoor sauna area above the entrance playa square only expediently is built over and supplemented through the extension of the sauna and wellness area and of the administration area. The generously glazed east façade opens out onto the newly created and extended outdoor sauna area. The existing outdoor pool is retained. The outdoor saunas are embedded as a compact block into the existing slope in order to continue the theme of the landscape and to minimise any impact on nature. The colonnade that is being formed guides the visitor to the individual attractions without blocking the view to the southeast.