The building is divided into three sections comprising separate areas for a family and recreational pool, a thermal and vitality bath, sauna and wellness. The entrance and changing areas towards the north form the backbone of the building. The family, sports and leisure area is orientated towards the sunbathing lawn and bathing beach. The bathing area is situated at the existing level of the grounds and can be accessed from the outdoor pool. The remaining areas are raised above the existing plot due to the groundwater situation. It is possible to open the façade extensively out towards the sunbathing lawn. The glass roof above the sports pool can also be slid open in the summer and on clear nights. The central area is formed by the thermal bath with its large indoor and outdoor pool along with the salt grotto, textile sauna, saltwater pool and jacuzzi. Spacious reclining areas are provided around the pool with reference to the outside. The sauna section is orientated slightly to the west and is accessible via the thermal area. Reclining areas with different qualities are also located around the various sauna cabins and steam baths. The upper floor of the sauna accommodates further relaxation areas with a room with a fireplace and a roof garden located in front. The south-facing waterside plot has an old stock of trees and is a particularly sensitive scenic area. The new building will be positioned where the existing outdoor pool is currently located. The eastern area of the plot will continue to be used as a bathing beach and open-air pool. The building is embedded in the landscape – the baths lie like a flat stone in this green space. The deep incisions in the flat roof-stone partition the structure of the building and create important external references. The entire construction opens out southwards onto the lakeside, offering fantastic views across the mountainous landscape and Lake Constance.