The expert's report is based on the design and planning of a public indoor sports pool with a 25 m x 50 m size swimming pool and a flexible spectator area. The public indoor sports pool for a variety of users, such as clubs and schools, and an adjacent outdoor parking area with at least 50 parking spaces are to be built on the outskirts of Neckarsulm in the immediate vicinity of the existing Aquatoll adventure pool. The new indoor sports pool is to replace the indoor pool currently located in the town centre and will provide improved facilities for schools and clubs. The idea of our plan is to integrate the building into the landscape, connecting the elements of bathing with those of the surrounding cultural landscape. The picture of a bath towel laid onto the landscape of the Sulm valley and in which the linear landscape structures of the vineyards and orchards are depicted is the theme. The new indoor sports pool continues this theme and models itself into the landscape. The alignment of the building, the course of the roof edge and the outdoor facilities fit in with the existing structures.