The new thermal spa will be immediately adjacent to the existing Salinarium recreational baths. The planners have focused on integrating the new thermal pool area into the existing recreational and outdoor pool structures in an optimum manner while lending an attractive appearance to the building complex. A redesigned entrance area with a far-projecting roof acts forms the prelude, welcoming visitors with an open gesture as it leads them into the spacious entrance hall. The wooden exterior façade cladding harmonises with the warm atmosphere of the new thermal pool. The interior is informed by contoured shapes that give the space a flowing appearance and provide an excellent point of reference. From the entrance hall, visitors reach both the existing changing areas of the recreational pool as well as the new, colour-designed changing areas for the indoor thermal pool located behind them. These create a cheerful atmosphere and are arranged in such a way that barefoot and shoe-wearing access remains separate. Having passed through the changing area, bathers then reach the new thermal pool via a glazed corridor located in front of the west façade. Contoured exposed-concrete walls with colour-designed seating alcoves provide orientation in this area, guiding visitors into the thermal landscape and into the new two-storey sauna area. The restaurant is located at the point of intersection between the existing and the new building.