This spacious apartment is located in a residential high-rise building in the Moscow district of Skolkovo. In accordance with the client’s request for spaciousness, five separate living units were combined into a single apartment on one storey. In order to make use of the areas in accordance with the desired requirements, the entire layout needed to be completely reorganised based around the load-bearing walls. New dividing walls and openings in the original structure enabled the rooms to be optimally coordinated while avoiding long corridor zones. The spatial concept comprises the following functions: Separate private areas for the clients, one of which containing an integrated sauna area, a living room with a dining area and kitchen, a children’s area and a utility area. The centrally arranged living and dining area has a bio-fireplace and seawater aquarium and serves as a link between the individual functional areas. The clients’ private rooms are located on one side while the children’s area and the utility area are arranged on the other. Each room was designed and furnished individually to suit its intended purpose. Here too, the shared living and dining area has been given a unifying function with regard to the choice of colour and material with subtle, well coordinated colours and selected materials creating a pleasant atmosphere. The oak-parquet and natural-stone flooring forms a discreet backdrop for the high-quality furnishing of the rooms. One wall in the entrance area is covered with greenery up to the ceiling and provides an eye-catching feature. While the private area for the female client has been designed in warm earthy tones – her bathroom, for example, has been executed in sandstone – the male client’s retreat is dominated rather by cool shades. While intensive colours and colour gradients come into play in the children’s area, the design of the staff’s rooms is rather reserved. Much of the furniture in the apartment was designed by 4a Architekten and produced in local workshops. The combination of these furnishings with selected designer furniture forms a lively mix of elegance and originality.