A new indoor swimming pool is being built in Oppenheim to replace the aging Opptimare indoor swimming pool. The new building will include a swimmer's pool with six 25-metre lanes and a three-metre and one-metre diving board as well as a teaching pool and a toddler's area. The focus of the planning is to create a functional building that will allow for modern pool operation and is convincing in terms of economic efficiency.

With the realisation of the swimming pool, the municipality of Rhein-Selz is taking on a groundbreaking role in Rhineland-Palatinate. This is probably the first swimming pool in Europe to be built with hydrogen-based energy generation. The indoor swimming pool, will be almost completely energy self-sufficient once it opens. The electricity will be generated by photovoltaic systems on the building. Waste heat utilisation and heat pumps are integrated into the energy management system. The spa regularly produces surplus energy, which is passed on to visitors via charging stations in the car park. District heating can be utilised during peak load phases. However, the indoor swimming pool is not only exemplary in terms of sustainability. With its swimming facilities and its high atmospheric quality, it also stands for a contemporary swimming pool design.