The Königsbad in Forchheim needs to be refurbished due to structural damage. The existing indoor swimming pool, which was built in 2010, needs to be almost completely refurbished and fitted with new floor coverings and suspended ceilings. Measures to make the swimming pool more attractive are also included in the renovation work. The entrance area with foyer, changing rooms, children's pool, the administration rooms on the upper floor and the entire sauna area will be redesigned. Existing structures will be retained as far as possible, reorganised structurally and made more attractive, and new areas will also be added. The gastronomy area will be expanded and a sauna rest house for more relaxation areas and a new outdoor sauna are planned. The sauna garden is also included in the redesign concept and will be extended to around 1,000 square metres.

Timeless design, choice of materials and colour scheme are at the forefront of the new design for a sustainable construction concept. Natural and high-quality materials with a cosy feel and look are used. On the one hand, they enhance the comfort level for bathing guests and, on the other, ensure a long service life thanks to their timeless design and durability. The reorganisation also focused on optimising operating processes, making the pool and sauna area barrier-free and, last but not least, enabling the catering facilities to operate independently.