Built in 1926, this building is not only impressive because of its splendid location on the French Riviera, but is also something special with regard to its history: The Villa Le Trident is the first of numerous villas both built and resided in by the American architect Barry Dierks on the coast of the Mediterranean. The guiding principle behind the renovation was to preserve the architectural legacy of the building while adding a modern ambience. From the outside, the “white architecture” of the Barry Dierks’ villa continues to captivate. Spacious, suffused in light and sleekly elegant are the predominant impressions of space since the redesign. In order to achieve a flowing transition between the different areas, existing interior walls were removed on the ground and upper floors. Long window façades, white furniture, white varnished solid oak floorboards and glass elements lend a bright, calm atmosphere to the space. Individual elements such as furniture, a fireplace and chimney suspended from the ceiling, and the wall element, which was designed by the architects and is located in the library, set distinctive accents to this ambience, which is characterised by tranquillity and reduction in design. The teak-panelled, free-standing cubes catch the eye on both levels. Their materiality is reminiscent of the hull of a ship, so establishing a link with the local area.