Nature, wellness and design: Situated next to the Spreewald Therme spa, also planned and built by 4a Architekten as early as 2005, this 4-star hotel offers its guests a feel-good atmosphere to relax in. The distinctive nature and the challenge of the project lay in locating the hotel in the immediate context of the Spreewald Therme spa while giving the new construction with its own individual and separate character at the same time. The unity of composition between the hotel and the spa is provided by the perfectly coordinated materials that were used. The design of the hotel also captures the essential stylistic features of the Spree Forest region in the same way that is achieved by the saltwater thermal baths. The hotel and the spa are also connected by a walkway that guests can access while still in their bathrobes. An extensive tiled wall panel defines the entrance area, the materials creating a link to the Spreewald Therme spa. The top three storeys form a single unit created by anthracite-coloured façade panelling and uniform large-format apertures. A total of 83 rooms with 166 beds are accommodated here. The three-storey structure is given a slightly floating character by the transparent design of the ground floor with its largely façade-high glazing.

Ground floor