1994 until 1997 Open-air trade fair set
The existing conference bus is supplemented with a reusable set which is suitable for quick assembly and dismantling as well as ease of transport. The construction rises above the mass of exhibitors and already catches the eye from a distance: three flat, triangular, sail-shaped cushions which are filled with air are stretched from five pylons across a platform measuring 5 x 12 meters. The pylons, each consisting of two tubes, are attached in turn with tensioning ropes to the supporting grillage of the platform. Integrated tubs, filled with water provide additional stability for the structure.

1992 until 1996 PBP-Omnibus trade fair set
Exhibition stands are used for a short time only - temporary and purpose-orientated. This is where the main difference lies with constructions that are long-term and enduring. At trade fairs, artificial worlds are created in which the various products are presented. With the requirement of conveying atmosphere, exhibition stands must have an open, inviting and visitor-friendly design.

1995 Auto-Mobil-International Leipzig/GER
Selected materials along with cooperation between disciplines such as graphic design, set design, lighting and show elements determine the look. Extreme conditions concerning deadlines demand quick coordination, precisely-scheduled planning and minimum construction times.

1995 AAA-Berlin/GER
Architectural stylistic devices such as shelves, sails, suspended plates, cladding, etc. are employed in order to create worlds of experience. This results in integrated trade fair appearances conveying proximity and atmosphere. Products and any necessary information are never obtrusive, but are provided where the visitor expects and needs them.

1995 Mondial du Transport, Paris/F

1994 Family-Car-Show, Peking/CN

1994 Motorshow Los Angeles/USA

1994 Autoshow Detroit/USA