The sports centre forms the first phase of the construction of an ensemble of buildings for various training and instruction purposes in Calw. A plain appearance influences the building complex in shape and materiality. This mirrors the functional character of the new construction, the focus here lying on sport, training and instruction. From the outside, two distinctive building volumes define the sports centre: The towering cube facing the street contains the large indoor swimming area for swimming and diving training. A structure connecting to the rear depicts itself downwards through the sloping terrain and contains training halls located on two levels for strength and endurance training. Integrated in between is a connecting building with functional, technical and ancillary rooms that links together the different areas via a spacious and well-lit stairwell. The slightly set-back entrance area facing the street formally resolves the monolithic austerity of the building structure, which is clad in grey shingles. The change of materials creates a further highlight here – a ribbon of wooden elements and glazed apertures marks the entrance situation. This creative element is repeated consistently in the building openings.

The interior of the sports centre offers a high quality of space in which to spend time, created on the one hand by a generous and well-lit spatial volume, and on the other by the high-quality, sturdy and well-coordinated materials: exposed concrete, porcelain stoneware, warm wood-panelling on the walls and ceilings and partially colour-designed floor tiles lend a pleasant atmosphere. This pleasant atmosphere permeates every area while offering a high degree of functionality: the multi-storey, open-plan stairwell, the sports bathing hall, which is suffused in light from all sides, the two-storey sauna area with a glazed relaxation room and the training halls with their all-round wood panelling are welcoming while providing optimum training conditions. The hall on the entrance floor can therefore also be used as a space for events and meetings thanks to its high-quality furnishings and flexible layout.