The existing building of the administrative headquarters for the Abfall-Wirtschaft Rems-Murr in Waiblingen is to be adapted to the new use and expanded to include additional office space on the property. In the interests of a sustainable and resource-saving approach to our environment and for urban planning reasons, demolition of the existing building is not desired. Since the existing building structure can only be adapted to the new uses and spatial requirements to a limited extent, the existing building will be supplemented and expanded with a corresponding extension at the rear. The lower extensions to the existing building will be dismantled. The new building connects to the existing building via a glass joint and wraps around the existing building with a gentle bend. This creates a small green courtyard between the old and new buildings, around which the new rooms are grouped. There are parking spaces and bicycle parking spaces with e-charging stations under the new elevated building. With its 2 or 3 storeys, the new building takes up the height of the surrounding buildings at the rear and remains below the eaves height of the existing buildings that form the street space.