Situated at the eastern edge of the Pyrenees, the former officers’ baths in Amélie-les-Bains are to be restored and extended to create a thermal leisure centre. These old military baths will be completely restored while retaining their basic substance. The additional buildings enter into a stimulating dialogue with the existing structure and frame it to form the main centre of focus. To the east, the SPA area is defined by the newly built foyer, to the south by the existing, steeply rising wall, and by the existing section of the building on the western edge. The historic stonework and modern, newly designed exterior façades lend a welcoming atmosphere to the connecting zone, reinterpreting the classic form of a colonnade. Old and new interweave, shaping the introverted character of this area which is further enhanced by the inner courtyard. In the central bathing hall, visitors are welcomed at the counter where they can book spa treatments and begin the Irish-Roman bathing circuit. This pleasurable experience is divided into four zones located within the building: two connecting sanitary areas provide space for wet and dry treatments; in the interior, visitors have a sauna with a cold water area at their disposal, along with a jacuzzi. A fifth, outdoor zone featuring a caldarium and a tepidarium rounds off the circuit. A nature trail leads to another outdoor space with a pool, reclining areas and multi-sensory showers. Nestling unobtrusively into the topography, this area blends in with its unspoilt natural surroundings, offering visitors a unique bathing experience and fine views over Amélie-les-Bains.