The Herzogenried outdoor pool is to be expanded into a year-round combination pool by means of a new indoor pool building. For this purpose, the open-air pool water area of around 3,800 m² will be supplemented by 1,700 m² in the new building. In addition to a divisible 50 m swimmer's pool and a course and teaching pool, this will include a spacious non-swimmer's adventure pool, a diving pool and a paddling area for children including a spray park. Optional building blocks such as a wide wave water slide, a tube slide and an outdoor pool with a swim-out channel that can be used all year round are conceptually designed.

The competition site is part of the northern green belt, which runs from the north towards the city centre. In addition to the Multihalle and the model settlement in the north, the day-care centres in the south and the New Measuring Place in the west, the entire area is surrounded by facilities focusing on sports. The new combined swimming pool will be built on the current outdoor pool parking lot, two meters above the current bathing level. With its elongated structure, it forms a protective backdrop to Max-Joseph-Strasse. The entrance for the indoor and outdoor pool is under a common roof in the direction of Max-Joseph-Strasse, the bathing hall is clearly oriented towards Herzogenriedpark. This orientation as well as the elevated position allows an unrestricted view of the park landscape and the Multihalle.

Two large roof areas with different heights divide the functional areas. The changing rooms, catering and administration, as well as the recreational areas and the children's paddling area are located under the lower roof. The higher roof forms the bathing hall and is staggered in height according to requirements. The glazing in the height gradient provides natural light in the interior. The outside area is also staggered. The 50m swimmer's pool and the diving board are located in front of the combi pool in terraces and are easily accessible. Due to the location of the new combi bath, the filter houses can remain as desired. This ensures operation during the construction phase and basic services until the new combined pool is opened.