The Werne open-air swimming pool in Bochum, dating from the 1930s, is due for fundamental renovation. In addition to the pool renovation and the construction of a new children's area, a new open-air pool building with changing rooms, sanitary facilities, administration as well as storage and technical areas is planned as a prefabricated timber construction. A new bathing supervisor and a nappy-changing room with a children's toilet round off the programme. In the course of the renovation, the water areas will be reduced by about half and the concrete pools will be replaced by stainless steel pools that are more economical to maintain. The existing wide wave water slide will be retained and attached to the new pool. In the interior and exterior areas, mainly sustainable, robust and natural materials are used, such as the prefabricated wooden elements of the facade. The valuable tree population of the bathing garden will be preserved as far as possible.

General contractor: POOL out of the BOX GmbH

Grundriss Freibadanlage