One recurrent theme in the design of the baths are the river pebbles that can also be found along the banks of the Lahn. It appears in the shaping of the individual building structures, the swimming pools and in the façade openings. The element of pebbles is also of central importance in the mural designs of the interior. Moreover, the materials used in the baths also capture the characteristics of pebbles. The individual building structures are shaped with their volume like a variety of stones that are layered and overlap like pebbles on a river bank. Located at the centre is the bathing hall – spacious and generously constructed, this forms the largest element. The sauna wing leads off from the bathing hall towards the west. With their distinctive pebble-like shape, the two building structures which accommodate the dining area and the shop slip into the overall volume of the bathing hall. Particular eye-catcher are the pebble-shaped sections in the north façade. The asymmetrical apertures give the side of the structure facing toward the town centre a lively and cheerful appearance.

Pool Vision Award 2014 – 2nd prize

Ground floor